My name is Cali (kay-lee), I'm 20 years-old, and I can't wait to see where my life will take me.
I will forever be a proud V.I.P., Ravenclaw, Browncoat, Blackjack, and Minion.
EXO, Block B, BTS, and B.A.P stan.
I am a dirt worshiping Indigo Child who likes boys and girls.
I'm also a major nerd and I go to art school (Columbia College Chicago) for fiction writing.
I read, I write, I blog



kris looks like he straight up came from twilight


'how long have you been 17'



"I know what you are…"

"Say it…out loud. Say it."


"Are you afraid?"


"Then ask me the most basic question: What do we eat?"


"…that’s not my style."

The thing is…

even if my OTP never becomes canon, I will still ship it.

even if you write out a dissertation explaining why my OTP will never become canon, I will still ship it.

even if the creator issued a statement tomorrow that said my OTP will never become canon, I will still ship it.

even if no one else in the universe ships my OTP, I will still ship it.

You wanna know why? Because I fucking love my OTP. And nothing will change that.

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a vip disrespects bantan through baekhyun?? wow thanks exo fandom

things get heated during mama award voting?? good job exo fandom

taemin gets harassed by fucking assholes?? gotta be the exo fandom

man the weather outside is pretty bad. thanks exo fandom

oh no!!! i stepped on a lego!!! exo fandom how could you

oops stubbed my toe and it’s the exo fandom’s fault

fight breaks out that is completely irrelevant to the exo fandom?? thanks exo fandom


My sexual orientation is girls who look like they could beat me up and boys who look like they wouldn’t stand a chance

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